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Welcome to the registration pages for the Merial Equine Health text message alert service for Equine infectious diseases. This service will alert you to outbreaks of Equine Influenza in the UK by text message to your mobile phone.

Please can you confirm that you are a veterinary surgeon or professional keeper of horses in the UK, if you are not sure if you qualify as a professional keeper of horses, please call 0870 6000 123.

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By completing this registration you are giving your consent for Merial to send text message alert texts to your mobile phone regarding notification of Equine Influenza outbreaks. From time to time, Merial Animal Health Ltd, may also contact you with information on products and services that may be of use to you. We will NOT pass your details onto any 3rd party. Please confirm if you are happy to be contacted by the following methods.
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Proteq Flu

Merial Animal Health Ltd CM19 5TG, UK. ProteqFlu® and ProteqFlu® -Te are registered trademarks of Merial Ltd. ©2016. All rights reserved. Legal category POM-V. ProteqFlu® -Te contains influenza A/eq/Ohio 03, influenza A/eq/Richmond/1/07. Clostridium tetani toxoid. ProteqFlu® contains influenza A/eq/Ohio/03, Influenza A/eq/Richmond/1/07.

For further information contact Merial Customer Support Centre on 0870 6000123 Or email